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Aided by subsidies, some utilities are purchasing commercial-scale solar for up to 30% less than nuclear, Duke University researchers say
By Olivia Boyd, China Dialogue The sunshine of North Carolina, a state on America's Atlantic...
Aug 10, 2010 | Read More
Too Premature to Talk of Ruling's Impact, Says Public Service Commission
A judge in Fulton County, Georgia ruled on Friday that the state public service commission...
May 3, 2010 | Read More
Salazar Approves Cape Wind; Jackson, Chu Discuss Low-Carbon Power, Fuel
The oil crises of the 1970s sent the U.S. scrambling for home-grown energy and innovative...
Apr 28, 2010 | Read More
Report Raises Questions Over Safety of Global Nuclear 'Renaissance'
A coalition of 12 environmental groups put U.S. nuclear energy regulators on the hot seat this week...
Apr 23, 2010 | Read More
Mississippi AG Questions Utility's Transfer of $1.3 Billion
New Orleans-based power giant Entergy is in hot water following revelations that its Vermont...
Mar 3, 2010 | Read More
TVA Looks to Finish Construction of Alabama Reactors Started in 1974
There has been a lot of talk of next-generation reactors in the U.S. "nuclear revival," but some...
Mar 1, 2010 | Read More
President Obama laid out an all-of-the-above energy policy in a speech to national business...
Feb 24, 2010 | Read More
At Stake: 1 Million Acres that Could Help Fuel a U.S. Nuclear Energy Revival
The dramatic potential for a meltdown and the dilemma posed by spent fuel tend to dominate...
Feb 24, 2010 | Read More
AP1000 May Be Too Weak for Extreme Weather, Government Watchdogs Fear
A new nuclear reactor design being backed by the United States may not be durable enough to...
Feb 17, 2010 | Read More
A Look at Obama's Call for New Nuclear and the Reactors that Might Be Built
All it took was one sentence in President Obama’s State of the Union Address last week, and an oft...
Feb 5, 2010 | Read More