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Timber from Indonesia
To survive, REDD will likely need investment to flow from a functioning international carbon market — which, outside the EU, is in a perilous state
The world's forests are in greater danger than ever, as a United Nations mechanism intended to...
Jul 1, 2011 | Read More
Well-meaning efforts to save the world's trees ignore forests' contributions to agriculture, energy, medicine and the livelihoods of local people
With their ability to soak up heat-trapping gases from the atmosphere, forests are front and center...
Feb 2, 2011 | Read More
Still, REDD maintains broad support from rich and poor nations and could be one of few agreements to emerge from the climate talks
CANCUN, MEXICO -- The prospect of a deal on forest protection at the Cancun climate talks has...
Dec 7, 2010 | Read More
Nations are at loggerheads over fundamental issues, most notably Bolivia and the U.S. and Australia.
CANCUN, MEXICO -- Big holes remain in some of the most basic but contentious issues in a UN-backed...
Dec 3, 2010 | Read More
The loophole would allow some 450 megatons of climate-changing emissions each year, or 5% of the global total, a new report says
CANCUN, MEXICO -- An arcane accounting rule governing emissions from logging forests that is now...
Dec 1, 2010 | Read More
Weak legal definitions of "forest" and "degraded land" are allowing logging industry to take advantage of an ambitious UN forest rescue scheme
Indonesia plans to class large areas of its remaining natural forests as "degraded" land in order...
Nov 23, 2010 | Read More
Twisted interpretation of findings by local agribusiness interests is tinder in effort to roll back rainforest protection
Brazilian agribusiness interests are igniting a firestorm in their national Congress that may end...
Jun 30, 2010 | Read More
Short-Term Funds Small, Bright Spot in Dim REDD Outcome
United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen ended without a clear directive to save the world's...
Dec 23, 2009 | Read More
Forest Monitoring Apps Put Technology to Work Saving Rainforests
The international climate talks have repeatedly bogged down in disputes over transparency and...
Dec 18, 2009 | Read More
No Money, No Solid Targets for Ending Deforestation
Reporting from Copenhagen A much-touted UN forestry scheme aimed at ending deforestation and...
Dec 17, 2009 | Read More