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Governor John Lynch
House Republicans are said to be already preparing another RGGI withdrawal bill for the next legislative session
Gov. John Lynch vetoed a bill this week that sought to pull New Hampshire out of a regional carbon...
Jul 8, 2011 | Read More
New Jersey State Legislature
State lawmakers have moved five bills in an attempt to stop Gov. Christie's planned year-end RGGI withdrawal
Update (June 30): The New Jersey State Senate approved two senate bills on June 27 — S-2946 and SCR...
Jun 24, 2011 | Read More
Gov. Chris Christie
Gov. Chris Christie diverted about $65 million from carbon credit sales to help balance the 2010 state budget
Last year New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie diverted an estimated $65 million from the state's...
May 31, 2011 | Read More
Merrimack Coal-Fired Power Plant
New Hampshire, Delaware and Maine have decided to stay in RGGI for now, but New Jersey's exit is still possible
Efforts to unravel a regional carbon trading program have hit a wall in recent weeks after...
May 23, 2011 | Read More
New Jersey’s potential withdrawal from the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would deal a major blow to the cap-and-trade scheme
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is re-evaluating the state's participation in a regional carbon...
Apr 11, 2011 | Read More
New Hampshire state house
Environmentalists and business leaders say the bill would forfeit more than $60 million in energy savings and millions more in funding for clean energy
Republicans in New Hampshire's legislature took their first step toward withdrawing the state from...
Feb 21, 2011 | Read More
Observers wonder if EPA's measured momentum rightly puts Congress in the back seat
WASHINGTON—U.S. senators have emitted their fair share of carbon dioxide explaining over and over...
Jun 30, 2010 | Read More
Yet another regional effort to reduce emissions while Congress tarries
When federal action gets bogged down in the halls of Congress, the states often find ways to get...
Jun 21, 2010 | Read More
Seven more state attorneys general jumped into the climate debate this week, this time arguing...
Apr 8, 2010 | Read More
Arizona Pulls Out of Western Cap-and-Trade Plan; Utah May Be Next
The economy is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite excuse for not regulating carbon emissions....
Feb 12, 2010 | Read More