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Climate science remains untarnished, but Pachauri may lose his job at the helm
The Nobel prize-winning UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change must undergo "...
Aug 31, 2010 | Read More
Politicians Harassing Climate Researchers to 'Avoid Taking Action'
Over 250 members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences released the following letter in Science...
May 9, 2010 | Read More
The Errors 'Do Not Alter the Key Finding' about Climate Change
Fifty-five scientists from the Netherlands released the following open letter about the...
Feb 11, 2010 | Read More
4 Yale Professors Explain the Competitive Nature of Scientific Inquiry
This week begins the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, following the...
Dec 11, 2009 | Read More
A Different Picture Emerges When You Read Them All
Strange, isn’t it that media are not wondering about who hacked into the computers and who paid...
Dec 7, 2009 | Read More
Twenty of the nation’s leading climate scientists called on President Obama today to take a more...
Jun 22, 2009 | Read More
A lot of adults, it seems, have a hard time wrapping their minds around basic Earth science (just...
Jun 14, 2009 | Read More
The United States' role in climate disruption is far greater than most people realize. Not only...
Jan 23, 2009 | Read More