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Rice Solar Energy Project
With the economics of solar power changing, firms say they can now afford to diversify their technology mix and thus enter untapped American markets
The falling cost of solar panel production in the United States is giving solar innovators...
May 26, 2011 | Read More
The DOE’s newly announced plan to make solar affordable offers Sen. Sanders a chance to breathe new life into his languishing '10 Million Solar Roof Act'
The Department of Energy's new SunShot Initiative to make solar energy as cheap as coal has given...
Feb 14, 2011 | Read More
Do solar panels at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue indicate an 11th-hour push for climate legislation?
WASHINGTON—With all the attention lavished on a Tuesday announcement about the White House going...
Oct 6, 2010 | Read More
A Berkeley Lab study says when PV plant arrays are spread out over a range, output variability is largely eliminated
Massive utility-scale solar projects under development in the deserts of California and the...
Sep 28, 2010 | Read More
New feed-in-tariff law, streamlined approval process fueling growth and optimism
Italy is in the midst of a solar surge, outpacing the United States and coming in second only to...
Sep 22, 2010 | Read More
Aided by subsidies, some utilities are purchasing commercial-scale solar for up to 30% less than nuclear, Duke University researchers say
By Olivia Boyd, China Dialogue The sunshine of North Carolina, a state on America's Atlantic...
Aug 10, 2010 | Read More
Thanks to DOE funding and bad news in the oil and coal industries, the geothermal industry is booming
While wind farms and giant solar plants have been grabbing the headlines lately, another renewable...
Jun 4, 2010 | Read More
Existing power grid could handle 35 percent solar and wind from Western states by 2017, NREL study shows
Grid operators have long claimed that the nation's aging electricity network cannot support the...
Jun 3, 2010 | Read More
Local farmer raises funds for solar energy farm, first of ten in proposed network
by Leo Hickman, Guardian Cornwall's reputation for sun, sand and surf could soon be challenged...
May 19, 2010 | Read More
Solar installations and green development bring sustainable housing to low-income families
Sunlight is free, but getting power from solar panels remains far from it. At least for some low-...
May 11, 2010 | Read More