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Tom Perriello

The first-termer is one of many clean energy promoters to fall as Republicans make big gains in Washington
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia—Rep. Tom Perriello looked so buoyant and sounded so effervescent during...
Nov 3, 2010 | Read More
Green Democratic majority in House riding on nail-biter races
WASHINGTON—In Gene Karpinski’s eyes, Nancy Pelosi is the most pro-environment speaker of the House...
Oct 20, 2010 | Read More
WASHINGTON—For a lesson in how to fumble away a chance to educate constituents about the potential...
Aug 3, 2010 | Read More
Poll data show mounting voter concern, desire for climate and energy solutions
WASHINGTON—Tick tock. As the sultry insufferable days of early July ooze toward the dog days of...
Jul 7, 2010 | Read More