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Thanks to DOE funding and bad news in the oil and coal industries, the geothermal industry is booming
While wind farms and giant solar plants have been grabbing the headlines lately, another renewable...
Jun 4, 2010 | Read More
Colorado’s legislature approved one of the toughest renewable energy standards in the country on...
Mar 9, 2010 | Read More
'There Are No Technological Impediments'
A report to be released in the first half of this year finds that Australia can use solar and wind...
Feb 22, 2010 | Read More
A new report claims the world can scale up eight clean technologies so massively and rapidly they...
Jul 1, 2009 | Read More
Solar Array on the Los Angeles Mission College Campus Parking Area
By the middle of next year, the nine campuses that make up the nation's largest community college...
Jun 17, 2009 | Read More
As the renewable energy sector scrambles to sort out its share of the economic stimulus package,...
Feb 20, 2009 | Read More
Wind power's tiny footprints don't stop at carbon emissions. A new analysis of the impacts of...
Feb 11, 2009 | Read More
"The current federal investment and production tax credits are set to expire at the end of...
Sep 5, 2007 | Read More