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ChinaThe dependence of the US economy on Chinese goods and credit makes negotiations over greenhouse gases with the world’s #1 emitter a tough conversation. Not to mention the great leap forward in renewable energy that is making China a formidable competitor. Keep up with developments here.
Eager to tap China's booming market and fearing the loss of private U.S. investment, American startups have begun eyeing Chinese partnerships
Concern is building among American investors that China is edging ahead in the lucrative clean...
Jul 12, 2011 | Read More
Recently discovered undersea deposits of rare earth metals — crucial to new clean energy technologies — could take decades and cost billions to develop
An underwater bonanza of rare earth deposits discovered by Japanese scientists poses little...
Jul 7, 2011 | Read More
solar rooftops
Industry insiders fear that China's "Golden Sun" project will not only be ineffective, but will strangle many of the solar firms which blindly signed up
"Golden Sun" is a Chinese solar subsidy scheme, set up with the primary objective of preventing...
Apr 17, 2011 | Read More
The world's biggest wheat producer resorts to emergency measures, as this year's harvest is under threat and the UN warns of already-soaring wheat prices
China has announced a billion dollars in emergency water aid to ease its most severe drought in 60...
Feb 13, 2011 | Read More
Pollution in Beijing
After three decades of dirty growth, China will unveil an ambitious, five-year cleanup plan. But skeptics question if the new proposals will have teeth
China is to impose an environmental tax on heavy polluters under an ambitious cleanup strategy...
Feb 7, 2011 | Read More
Hydroelectric power company Huadian will build a cascade of 13 dams, similar to the Three Gorges Dam, in the "Grand Canyon of the Orient"
China's dam builders will press ahead with controversial plans to build a cascade of hydropower...
Feb 1, 2011 | Read More
Obama adopted a more centrist tone during his State of the Union, avoiding any mention of climate change but embracing the promise of clean technology
WASHINGTON—President Obama's commitment to lessening the nation's carbon footprint hasn't likely...
Jan 26, 2011 | Read More
Dalai Lake
Desertification and a shrinking lake threaten northern China's wetlands and grasslands
Dalai Lake is shrinking. For years, the water level of northern China’s largest freshwater lake –...
Jan 23, 2011 | Read More
The Chinese are spending 1/6th as much as the U.S. on their military and investing twice as much on clean energy technology
WASHINGTON—While China is already boasting “All aboard!” on a network of sleek passenger trains...
Jan 11, 2011 | Read More
Cost of pollution, deteriorating soil and other impacts surged to $200bn (1.3tr yuan) in 2008 - equivalent to 3.9% of country's GDP
China's economic growth is inflicting more than a trillion yuan's worth of damage on its...
Dec 30, 2010 | Read More